Antimpatto® a lightning shield for every boat

Protecting oneself from lightning and surges is essential, even at sea.If a thunderstorm blows up when you are at sea,the safety of the boat and the people on board becomes a priority.

Install the Euthalia Lightning Protector: protect the boat, yacht, people and all electrical devices on-board from lightning and surges

Euthalia systems with Antimpatto® Technology offer complete defence for all types of boats and yachts, eliminating the risks of lightning and power surges.

Don’t underestimate the danger! Invest in your boat’s safety.

With a 360° protection from direct, indirect lightning strikes and surges, the Euthalia Marine Lightning Protection Systems with Antimpatto® Technology are the ultimate solution for defending sailboats, yachts and any other type of vessel.




Installation of our Lightning Protection Systems guarantees eliminating lightning and surge damage, preserving the integrity of the hull and electronic equipment as well as the overall safety of the people on board. Furthermore, the discreet design of our Marine Specific Protection Solutions, integrates harmoniously with the boat’s structure, preserving its aesthetics.

Euthalia Marine, our dedicated marine division

Euthalia Marine represents innovation and technology for protecting all vessel types from lightning and surges. Based on Euthalia’s experience and expertise in the field of lightning protection of buildings, this division has evolved into a specialised unit, proving the company’s commitment to safety in the marine sector.
Euthalia Marine has developed a range of products specifically designed for the needs of the marine sector that offer an unsurpassed barrier against lightning and surge damage. They are designed to integrate perfectly with any type of vessel, from sailboats to megayachts, guaranteeing total and lasting protection. [+]

Euthalia Marine also does more than just supply products; it offers comprehensive advice on system design, ensuring that every aspect of lightning and surge protection is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

This division embodies Euthalia‘s commitment to protecting boaters’ heritage and safety, while looking toward the future and unique innovative lightning protection systems that redefine the standard for marine safety.

Advantages of the Lightning Protection System for the Marine Sector

Choose comprehensive, always active protection for your boat

Active defence 24/7

Always active lightning protection shield for your boat to protect the hull, equipment and people.

Zero consumption

Our systems do not consume energy to operate nor do they produce any.

Total protection

Complete protection of the entire vessel, hull, equipment and people on board.

How does the Lightning Shield for Boats work?

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    Questions and Answers

    Yes, our innovative Antimpatto® Technology System is designed to fit all types of boats. It is extremely versatile. Our state-of-the-art solution offers superior lightning and surge protection, not only protecting the boat but ensuring the safety of all passengers on board. Flexible installation makes the Antimpatto® System the ideal choice for those seeking peace of mind and reliability at sea.

    No, the Antimpatto® system installation has been carefully designed to blend harmoniously with the aesthetics of your boat. This advanced technology offers indispensable protection against lightning and surges, while remaining discreet and minimally invasive. Its sleek design and tailor-made configuration ensure that the appearance of your boat remains unaffected, allowing you to enjoy both safety and beauty without compromise.

    Lightning in the open sea can be extremely dangerous for any vessel. This natural phenomenon can cause fires, severely damage the vessel’s structure or electronic systems and, in the most serious cases, endanger the lives of people on board. When faced with such risks, the adoption of preventive measures such as Antimpatto® Technology becomes crucial. This advanced solution provides a protective barrier against lightning, helping to neutralise the associated dangers and ensuring safer, more peaceful navigation.

    Installing the Antimpatto® system on your sailboat is a quick process that generally can be completed in two to three working days. During this time, a team of two specialised technicians are dedicated to installing and testing the system to ensure that everything works perfectly. This short time investment is essential to ensure the maximum protection of your boat and the safety of those on board.

    Absolutely, the Antimpatto® system is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing it to be reused even if you replace or sell your boat. We can adapt the system to the specifications and structural characteristics of your new boat, ensuring that it continues to provide the same effective protection against lightning and surges. This flexibility makes Antimpatto® a long-term investment in your safety at sea.

    No, the Antimpatto® system uses advanced technology that does not require any external power source to operate effectively. This solution uses passive, innovative and independent protection principles to provide preventive action against lightning strikes. Our technology is called ‘active’ as it intervenes proactively, preventing the formation of electrical discharges, unlike traditional lightning rods that react passively to strike. This approach provides a higher level of safety and protection with no need for external power, making Antimpatto® a state-of-the-art system in for marine safety.

    Yes, Euthalia’s ‘Anti-lightning’ lightning protection system represents a significant evolution as compared to traditional lightning rods due to its innovative technology and preventive approach. While traditional lightning rods work by attracting lightning and then dispersing the electrical charge into the sea, Euthalia’s Lightning Protection System is proactive, eliminating the conditions that lead to lightning formation. This system not only prevents direct damage that lightning may cause to the structure it is installed on, but also reduces the risk of indirect damage caused by surges and electrical discharges. Euthalia’s Lightning Protection System provides more effective and comprehensive protection, ensuring greater safety and reliable protection against lightning.

    Yes, Antimpatto® is ideal for sailboats, providing complete and reliable protection against lightning and surges under all sailing conditions. Its state-of-the-art technology, combined with a custom installation process, allows the system to be calibrated to the specific requirements of any type of sailboat, offering an optimal safety solution to protect both the boat and the people on board.

    Antimpatto® Technology Eliminates Lightning Damage

    Antimpatto® Technology makes eliminating lightning damage possible!
    Our technology’s preventive approach makes it possible to address the root causes of lightning strikes, preventing their formation.

    Antimpatto® Technology EliminatesLightning Damage

    SuccessfulCase Study

    Boats our Antimpatto® Technology is protecting from Lightning and Surges

    Lightning and surges on board? Prevent them with Euthalia’s ‘Anti-lightning’ Lightning Protection

    An exclusive interview conducted by, the sailing web TV, with Giulio, the yacht owner who chose to protect his Beneteau 57 and eliminate lightning problems by installing Euthalia Marine’s innovative lightning and surge defence systems.